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Select one of the frequently asked questions below to learn more about buying stands at Aspindale Park.

Purchasing a Residential Stand

What are the sizes of stands on offer?

We have various stand sizes. Some as small as 198sqm right up to 360sqm.

What services will be offered?

    • Tar roads with solar street lights
    • Water, sewer & electricity connection
    • Security fence around the perimeter
    • Schools, Clinics, Churches, Shops and Service stations to be developed
    • Connection access to high speed fibre internet
    • Access to pre–approved house plans,
    • building expertise

What is the price of the stands?

The price of each stand is determined by the size of the stand, please contact our sales team for more information. info@aspindalepark.co.zw

What payment terms are on offer?

Various payment terms are available, please contact our sales team for more information. info@aspindalepark.co.zw

What do I need to purchase a stand?

  • Identification document
  • Proof of Address
  • Payroll slip/proof of income (if buying on credit)
  • Bank statements (if buying on credit)

Transferring of Title

When am I going to get title deeds in my name?

The title deeds will be processed in your name when the following is obtained:

  • Certificate of Compliance in respect of the subdivision permit for works completed by developer
  • Receipt of full purchase price from the purchaser
  • Settlement of all transfer and conveyancing fees, levies and taxes by the purchaser
  • Rates clearance certificate to be obtained by purchaser

What are the costs for obtaining title deeds in my name?

Generally, there are legal costs and taxes to be paid as follows:

  • Registration Fee is fixed at US$20.
  • Disbursements are a fixed at US$50.
  • Stamp Duty is calculated as follows:
Amount Ranges Rate
1st US$5,000 1%
Next US$5001-20,000 2%
Next US$20,001 – 100,000 3%
  • Conveyancing Fees
Amount Ranges Rate
US$10,000 & below US$400
US$10,001 – 250,000 4%

Where do I find your lawyers handling the processing of title deeds?

Our lawyers are Coghlan, Welsh & Guest.

What happens to my stand upon my death?

The ownership of the stand will be dealt with according to your will and the law relating to deceased estates, wills and inheritance in this country. However  you can opt for an insurance product  which pays off all outstanding obligations in the unfortunate event of your demise. Your survivors would therefore not need to worry about taking over the obligation to pay installments. Please contact your bank or insurance broker for more information.

Building on the stands

What conditions do I have to fulfill before I start building?

In order to take possession of the stand two conditions must be fulfilled:

1) City of Harare must have certified that development work has been completed according to the sub division permit.

2)The purchaser must have paid at least 75% of the cash price for the stand, but subject to the approval of the Developer on the basis of the track record on paying installments.

Where can I buy my building materials?

Aspindale Park will have all the resources required for building within the development, offering, stone, bricks and cement at competitive prices to save on transport costs. Aspindale  Park also has resident expertise to assist with the building process where residents require.

There will also be a large number of shops to provide all necessary inputs.

Do you build houses for buyers of stands?

There are a number of pre-approved housing plans which can be used to build your house at Aspindale Park within the required regulations. Aspindale Park has advisers on building, architecture, and finance to assist you in however we can in building your dream home. We also construct houses, churches, crèches and schools at an affordable management fee. For more information please contact us info@aspindalepark.co.zw

About the development

Do you have a sub division permit?

Subdivision permit number SC/WR/41/16 dated 25 Nov 2016 was granted for the project by the City Of Harare and copies are available for inspection at our offices.

When do you expect to finish development work for all the stands?

The contracted work has now commenced and we envisage that development will finish by end 2017.