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Aspindale Park commercial stands are priced favourably. The prices are inclusive of VAT, electricity connection fees, endowment and all other associated costs to ensure there are no surprises! With the highest level of servicing in Harare you are certainly getting your money’s worth when you invest in Aspindale.

Title deeds are available to all stand owners upon full payment. We also accept mortgages from any bank of your preference.

We accepting proposals and for the various commercial properties available. Call us for more information and become part of our community like no other!

Stands Dimensions Breakdown

Church 1  – 2300m2

Church 2 – 2600m2

Chruch 3 – 2700m2

Day Care Centre – 2200m2

Day Care Centre – 3200m2

Primary School 1 – 35000m2

Primary School 2 – 35400m2

Clinic   – 7234m2