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Business Connect – Multi-million property development for Aspindale

Business Connect  – Multi-million property development for Aspindale

Property development firm Aspindale Park has outlined an ambitious plan to unlock investment opportunities in Harare’s Aspindale Park.

Under its multi-million-dollar plan to be financed through its local and international partners, Aspindale Park will be divide into residential and commercial in line with modern trends.

The commercial aspect will include establishment of an SMEs and industrial development commercial hub within Aspindale park as it seeks to promote economic growth.

Aspindale Park is a property development company with the objective to offer modern day lifestyle to the middle-class people in Zimbabwe. With vast experience in operating businesses in both Zimbabwe and south Africa, developers at Aspindale have extensive experience in property, trucking, agriculture and ethanol manufacturing with a proven track of delivering quality business opportunities.

Development will commence alongside the initial stages of developing the park, initial stages of developing the park, initially with SMEs in the supply of building materials. Other retail services shall be incorporated at a later stage of development.

Aspindale will not only create employment opportunities and promote economic growth but will also bring convenience to residents. “There is a viable opportunity for employment and economic growth and plans have already been approved by City of Harare,” Aspindale Park Marketing Director, Michael said during an interview.

“The commercial enterprise will create a massive scope for employment and economic development as well as investment opportunities creating a community like no other” he added.

This comes at a time when the government, through the ministry of Macro-Economic Planning and investment promotion earlier this year revised upwards the foreign direct investment contribution to Zimbabwe’s Gross Domestic Product(GDP) to 25 per cent. Both local and International companies are invited to invest in Aspindale Park’s commercial hub.

The commercial hub is expected to include schools, day-care centres, churches, clinics, service stations, SMEs Market and shopping mall as a way to bring convenience to its residents.

“in line with the short-term plan, quality schools, churches, day-care centres, fuel filling stations with their ancillary services as well as top class clinic will be constructed with thein the community catering for residents’ every need”, he said.

Mr Swan added that “Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will be established in the development to provide access to shops, markets and suppliers within walking distance of the residences”.

SMEs are contributing significantly to the growth of our economy, contributing 70 percent of Zimbabwe’s GDP as highlighted in the budget presented by the Minister of Finance in November 2016.

“We take pride in setting a new standard for community living in Zimbabwe by adopting a holistic approach to property development,” he said.

Aspindale Park sits on a 56 hectare development situated on a prime location at the junction of Kambuzuma/High glen Road, with over 1200 residential stands available measuring from 200 square metres to 360  square metres, catering to the growing middle class section in Zimbabwe. The property is expected to have a 24hour security feature, protected by a boundary wall for a safe haven for residents.

Servicing has already begun with a site office having been constructed, boreholes have been sunk with a network of roads now clearly visible, a sign of the immense development taking place.

Mr Swan added that the first stage of road construction had commenced and servicing would be completed by the end of 2017.

“Purchasers of land will receive full title to land making Aspindale a smart and trustworthy investment for homes and investors.”

Aspindale park is expected to offer world class living and working standards and services for both its residential and commercial clients. “With a diverse development team, the property will have all the desired services and amenities, in addition to durable roads, water, electricity and sewer connectivity the stands will be provided with solar powered streetlights and high-speed fibre internet connectivity,” said Mr Swan.

In fact, Aspindale Park will be the first High Density development to have access to fibre internet as well as solar powered lights,” he said.


Aspindale Park Administrator

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