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Aspindale Park Phase One complete

Aspindale Park Phase One complete

The Phase One of the Aspindale Park housing project has been completed, with title deeds expected to be ready in the next few weeks, a top official said.

Aspindale Park financial advisor Bianca Swan told the Herald Property yesterday that an open day to mark the completion of the company’s “show house” and “civil works” under phase One was held last Saturday.

“The day was a huge success with over 1000 people attending. It was a free event open to all the public to come see our progress. We also had all our partners exhibiting their products and services, such as banks offering mortgages – CBZ, Stanbic and ZB bank – and all our partners who helped with the show house.”

Yes, Phase one is now complete; the title deeds for Phase One Stands will be ready in a few short weeks.

These stands (390) have not yet all been sold but will be offered to our customers who wish to purchase them using mortgages from their own banks.

“We have also completed our show house – a three bedroomed two-bathroom house on a 200-square metre stand. This is (aimed at) showing customers what their future home could look like and we are receiving very positive feedback,” said Mrs Swan.

Phase One of the project has 390 stands while the entire project will have 1200 stands.

The stands measure between 200 square metres and 360 square metres.

Plans are now afoot to commence Phase Two of the project which will have 400 stands.

Phase Two is Expected to be completed by November this year.

Mrs Swan said the Aspindale Park project is already setting a new standard for development in the country.

“we are located in a prime area only 8km from the CBD and we are ensuring that our stands are serviced to the highest quality including tar roads, sewer water and ZESA connections as well as additional luxury items such as security fence around the development, solar street lights and planting of trees.”

“We have committed to our customers (that) this will be one of the best developments in Zimbabwe and rival those elsewhere in the world.”

“Zimbabweans are prepared to pay a little to ensure that they are living in a safe and happy community,” said Mrs Swan.

The Aspindale park has a number of payment plans ranging from one to five years.

Potential customers can also get mortgages from their banks to purchase stands under the development project.

The Aspindale project is a 56-hectare development that will have two schools, churches, a clinic, a retail space.

City of Harare has already approved the development plan.


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